30-Days Arashi Challenge #30: Storm Party Concert!

This will be the last day of the challenge. I SURVIVED! <3

Since this is the last day and I get to choose what topic I would like to have as my ending post. I've decided to make it harder for myself and so, the last post will be a CONCERT SET LIST created by yours truly. I know their songs but mostly from 2009 to 2014 era. Also, most of the songs that I have in my playlist are from Arafes/5x10/5x20 albums which are, by the way, almost identical to their set lists. I tried to squeeze enough ideas from my brain in remembering the order of performances. For example, what songs do they usually sing and perform on the first half, what kind of songs will they be singing when it is at its rest time, what kind of songs will be fitting to be sang when they roam around the stage, etc.

With the help of my handy dandy iPod connected on my laptop. I'll listen to these songs and will re-arrange them accordingly. To give you an idea, it is composed of 43 songs in total.

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #29: KAIBUTSU-KUN

Second to the last topic of this challenge is for my favourite group photo. Wondering why my subject is Ohno’s character?

It’s becaaaause, I LOVE THESE TWO PHOTOS FROM THEIR SHOP PHOTOS! They’re from the BTS of Monster making which was Kaibutsu-kun’s OST.

Let me discuss the first one:

I would like to commend the photographer who captured this moment. I know the jumps were not totally as straight as a ruler but it was beautifully captured 😍😍😍😍

The next one is something that I had as my Blackberry phone’s wallpaper from 2011-2013 or so? Yeap. I have this one in a long time. Ahahaha. I even bought the replicated necklace that Sho was wearing in this video. I think I lost it already since it was from a long time ago.

It was nice seeing them in their goofy poses. They’re not perfect really and they do not try that to be perfect but they try to be an example that it is okay not to be perfect and I love them for that! 💙❤️💚💛💜

My five colorful hearts are so full with love for them 😍

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30-Days Arashi #28: ARTWORKS

Honestly, I don't look much on fan arts aside from I am not really artistically gifted when it comes to drawing and painting.

I started browsing the internet and saw this.

Related image

Their personality fits the photo very much,

Nino playing his games
Ohno sketching photos
Jun arranging concert set list
Sho and Aiba being a pair of couple

Also the details are superb, especially Jun's brows.

I also like this Ikemen Arashi. :)

Credits to the owners and artists of this beautiful fan arts! :)

Let my artistic side shine through. What I hope for. Really.

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #27: Massive CONFETTI Party!

If you have seen the live you'll know by the title you'll realize by now what it is that I am talking about.

So there is this song called Sakura which they performed on Music Station. And the production team decided, why don't we throw the boys a surprise(maybe? maybe not) and let them have a psuedo sakura petals shower. And so, they did.


It was not that fun for the 5 men, especially Ohno, but the other guests enjoyed the remains of the aftermath. Haha. I remember that they almost choke on these papers. There's even a GIF of Jun removing one from his mouth.

We'll I had fun watching this though.

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #26: Concert DVD

I wanted to say that 5x10 was my favorite concert of all time but Beautiful World was just an extra. Aside from the fact that it has the concert footage, it was also held at Kokuritsu National Statium, AND! It has an extra 80 mins footage wherein they were like having a team building.

They stayed in an place where they did the zip line, practice their songs, relax, have fun and basically, plan he concert. I think this is where I really got to see how close they were. It is not that often to see these 5 men sleep in a same room. They also got to fool around and at the same time encourage each other.

I must re-watch the subbed video. I miss seeing them being just themselves and not really minding the camera. Just doing their own things.

I think even the recording of some of their songs in the album of the same title was recorded on that camp outing.


I gotta watch the concert again and the making <3 I must add some of my favorite moments of the concert when I finished re-watching.

Good night World!

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #25: REMARKABLE SOLO

Since I do not want to be such a fan of Sho and just talk about him again on this entry of my favourite SOLO, I will definitely give this floor to Jun. Aside from being my least favourite , I’ve got to admit, Jun has his way to me.

I’ll give him this post. I don’t write about him that much but I really like his Shake it! song and dance. How should I describe it? Hmm. Funky? 😂 Well, it really is kind of funky. Also, the dance. Never in a thousand years would I expect see Jun dance like that. Hahaha. As we all know, Jun is the cool guy of the group doing silly things is just a mood for him, which by the way, does not come out that often. But when I watched his performance of this song you can really see that he is enjoying singing and dancing to it.


I think I got the wrong recall of this song? I research for a video again and it was a sexy song??? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. All I remembered is him shaking his hips and the song being funky. I didn’t realize that while he was performing the song he is almost half naked and the dance moves were kinda sensual 😂😂😂😂😂


Okay, I did another research. I think the BW Concert performance was the sensual one but for the Arafes performance it was pretty harmless. See below link:


Anyway, on my recollection, I still have to say that this song is a fun song!

Let’s just watch another dance of his, Born this Way dance, on the link below:

Innocent mind still intact,

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #24: AiBaka!

I was browsing for a Aiba’s photo and I saw something that made me scroll up after passing through it.

It is this photo:

Given that Aiba is a very curious and cheerful person that sometimes he is being accused of being stupid. 😂

I think he is very fierce on this photo which I haven’t seen before or because of the angle as well. But so far this photo if Aiba is what I like among all I’ve seen so far.

Gash! This headache is kind of killing me. I’ll go to sleep now *written this blog entry a night before*

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #23: AKA-CHAN ARASHI

First of all, I want to congratulate myself for posting same day blog entries for the past 3 days 👍🏽 It is hard to keep posting. Expect that I will be using my phone as my medium of writing and posting 😂

So, this day is about my favorite chibi photos of Arashi members.

Ohno Satoshi 💙

I am wondering if Ohno’s children will look like him because HIS FACE DIDN’T CHANGE AT ALL!! You can clearly distinguish that HE IS RIIDA you know. Quiet adorable smile here! 😉

Sakurai Sho ❤️❤️❤️

Our Keio Boy! He really looks like a boy from a rich family. He exudes elegance and know that he is at his proper behaviour in this photos. Nevertheless, he’s a handsome boy! 😍❤️

Aiba Masaki 💚

Cutie Aiba. Sometimes I see a cat image by looking at his face. It is like his eyes are covered with just the black part and the white part is actually missing. He would likely be the kid I’ll harass by hugging him tightly, just how I do with my niece. So cute!

Ninomiya Kazunari 💛

Nino’s photo here is shows that there is no doubt that he is a very mischievous boy! Haha. Even when he is young you can clearly say what his personality is. When I think of Nino, I always wonder what would Naka Riisa look like when she was younger. He and Riisa has a striking resemblance from nose down. Maybe a secret sister Nino don’t know about? Haha.

Matsumoto Jun 💜

Seeing this baby picture of Jun makes me think if he really is from a pure japanese ethnicity. He really has strong facial features since birth! Thick eye brows, pointed nose and round eyes. It is not very common for Japanese people to have these facial characteristics. If you know something, pelase let me know. By the way, HE IS SO FLUFFEEEEEEEY! 😂

I would also like to include the photo from their debut in Hawaii but no time to go through the internet!

Who’s the cutest baby that you would like to have?

I would take Aiba. Surely, I’ll have lots of fun trying to ask him get something from me. Haha. Just joking. I cannot handle hard headed children so I’ll pick him since he’s the kindest by nature 😂

Seven days left,

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #22: Mannequin Five

If I were to choose my favorite Himitsu no Arashi-chan episode it would be the Mannequin 5 guesting of whole Kanjani8. I have my favorites you know and I am consistent with every single one of them 😂

On this episode, I think they were to dress themselves on a date? I forgot the theme of the date but yeah. So given that it is 5 against 8, three members of Arashi should repeat presenting the same outfit on the second one. Half of the members of Kanjani8 has the same era from when the members of Arashi entered and trained as juniors and you’ll get to see it very closely in this episodes and other guestings they have on each Arashi Variety shows.

There’ll be Yu, Shibutani and Murakami adding fuel on every bashful commentaries from the judges. As well as the comments they have recieved. Knowing each other very well, I was also amazed on how Arashi guessed the next member to compete on the other team right. If they thought of Ryo, then it’ll be his turn. MatsuJun being the most fashionable member out of 5, Eito members fears to go against him except for Yasuda, a self-claimed fashionista. Hahaha. Which reminds me of Masuda. They kind of have the same vibe when it comes to fashion that they wear. 😂😂😂

When I read the news about HnA closing its doors, I really felt sad and devastated (I know it is kind of exaggeration but it was my favorite Arashi Show) because I really enjoy their segments and how they really enjoy to criticise their guests face to face. Sit down talks in the studio, dressing up on their own then competing against their guests, driving around the city together in a bus with their guests, and basically trying to do or see what the hobbies of their guests are.

Again, I am writing this using my phone and thus, I won’t be able to insert some photos or GIFs that aren’t mine.

I hope you can also see this episode of M5,

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30-Days Arashi Challenge #21: Good Stuff

I am posting this as a part of the challenge and not with the intention of bragging. This was bought with my hard saved and hard earned money. Also, apologies for the quality of the photo. I find it hard to take photos of them without the light of our bulb bouncing back. I cannot really take them out of their plastic covers.

I started buying Arashi stuff back in college. I had a bigger allowance then than in high school. I cannot really afford buying a lot of their congoods and albums so I really save up before deciding what to buy. Whenever I buy, I always have uchiwas in my collection.
uchiwa 2.jpg
5x20 Uchiwas

Let us not forget my Fanlight from Digitalian concert <3 I haven't got my light stick for 5x20 because I asked my friend to keep it for me then I'll get it on November same with my albums. The light has 5 colors. What I like about this one is that I bought it back in 2014 but the battery is still alive. Talking about Japan quality.

Also, I rarely buy singles, albums and concert dvds. I have a total of one single, 6 albums (three of them were the 5x20 LE1, LE2, RE. But I haven't recieved them yet), and one concert dvd. Why only one condvd? It doesn't have subs. :( I only get subbed ones in the communities. Also, I tend to buy albums rather than singles because of practicality. All singles will be included in their yearly album anyway.


I also have small items from either Waku Waku, 24hrTV, and Concerts.

Since, I only buy things that are useful for everyday life. Here are some items I purchased and use from time to time :)

Unfortunately, I can only buy shirts from 24HRTV because of my large body built :( Concert Tshirt are usually in free size.

This was ruined :( I'll try to find another when i go to Japan :(

I also bought the 5x20 blanket but it is currently being dried up in the sun because I a using it as aircon blocker in the office.
Also, this towel. :)


I also have books. :D Photobook and an actual book. I don't know how to read it though.


It really is expensive to buy the goods but I have no other way to support them. Although half of these stuff is something the is not really useful for everyday life it still gives me joy. I think I won't be selling them even if I have to. Haha. All of these are well kept in my cabinet for my mother not to see them and not scold at me for spending this much.

Hope this may inspire other supporters to just buy original stuff and support them in the most legal way. You may not be able to buy lots of their goods but even one is enough to show your support.

That'll be all. See you on the next,